TCS Broward are the hosts of pool leagues and tournaments where people come to meet and enjoy themselves. We believe in inclusivity for everyone, which is why our amazing events and leagues are full of fun-filled and competitive pool for all ages to have a great time together. We strive to entertain all and fit the interests of each and every one of our players. Our unrivaled options and unforgettable experiences and huge payouts are what have made us such a special part of the community since we first opened in 2021. You’re always invited to participate in the fun!

What's happening this week?

  • Monday Nov 28th - BCAPL Travel 8 Ball

  • Tuesday Nov 29th - TCS Broward 9 Ball Chip Tournament 7:30pm at Spanx The Hog / BCAPL Tuesday No Handicap Division at Brendan's

  • Wednesday Nov 30th - BCAPL Wednesday Night 8 Ball 

  • Thursday Dec 1st - BCAPL Thursday Night 9 Ball 

  • Friday Dec 2nd - Scotch Doubles Max 1200 8 Ball Tournament at Spanx The Hog BBQ

  • Saturday Dec 3rd - Ready.Set.Vegas. 10 Ball

  • Sunday Dec 4th - No Events